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Hierarchical Tasks & Task Pane

Posted by Jean Paul on March 12, 2015

In this article we can explore the Hierarchical Tasks & Task Pane in SharePoint 2013.

Hierarchical Tasks

In SharePoint 2013 we can create a Task & then Sub Tasks underneath it.

· Task 1

o Task 2

§ Task3


Create a new Tasks list for trying it yourself. Create a new Task like below.


Now choose the ellipsis and you will get the following menu items.


Click on the CREATE SUBTASK menu item. Here you can enter multiple sub tasks as shown below.



Please note that the list went to the Data Sheet view. You need to click the Stop link to go back to the list view.


Tasks Pane

Tasks Pane provides further control with the following custom action ribbon buttons:

1. Insert

2. Outdent / Indent

3. Move Up / Move Down

4. Outline – Show / Hide Subtasks

Following is the Tasks Pane.


You can play with them to see the functionality.


In this article we have explored Hierarchical Tasks & Task Pane in SharePoint 2013.

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