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Development Options for SharePoint 2013

Posted by Jean Paul on January 8, 2015

In this article we can explore how to choose the right Development Option in SharePoint 2013. Development Option means the type of solution like Sandboxed Solution, Apps etc.

Depending upon the Quality Level of your organization, the selection of development option will be crucial.

Development Options

Following are the development options we are using:

1. OOTB Solution

2. Third Party Solution

3. Lite Customization

4. Heavy Customization

5. Sandboxed Solution

6. SharePoint Hosted App

7. Provider Hosted App

8. Farm Solution



Auto Hosted Apps are not supported going forward, hence excluded it.

OOTB Solution

In this type of solution, we will be using Out of the Box SharePoint features. For example, a department can raise a request for document management site. We can resolve it through creation of new site instance & configuration of a library.

Here, there are no deployment items involved.

Third Party Solution

In this type of solution, we are purchasing ready-made software from outside. For example, a project management site template from XYZ Software. A Print Management App can be another example.

Here, a purchase cost is involved but faster requirement accomplishment is realized than other options. The deployment will be done by Administrator or User.


Customization involves lite or heavy customizations like:

1. Site Collection / Site creation

2. List / Library creation

3. Content Type creation

4. Metadata usage

5. Page editing

6. Script inclusion

7. Quick Launch hiding

8. Master Page change

Sandboxed Solution

Sandboxed Solution is a deployable, reusable package containing features, site definitions etc. It is useful if application level items need to be combined and packaged as a single WSP. Sandboxed Solutions can be restricted on resource usage through Quotas.

Deployment of Sandboxed Solution can be user managed.


Sandboxed Solutions are deprecated in SharePoint 2013 but Declarative Sandboxed Solutions are not. Declarative Sandboxed Solutions are those with declarative markups and javascripts.

SharePoint Hosted App

Apps provide Discoverability from Corporate Catalog. In a SharePoint Hosted App the App is hosted within the SharePoint Farm.

JavaScript Object Model will be used to render the App. Hence, App is executed from client side.

Provider Hosted App

In Provider Hosted App the App is hosted in an external server. This enables protection of business logic without exposing to client side & remote event receivers.

As there are 2 web servers involved, we need to configure Trust Certificates between these servers.

C# will be used to render the App using CSOM (Client Side Object Model).

Farm Solution

Farm Solution provides Full Trust code and resides in the SharePoint Server. Custom solutions which require advanced object management, central administration component creation, custom site templates, coded workflows etc. can be deployed through a Farm Solution.

Server Object Model is used for development and hence code gets executed in the server. Security challenges, Server Risks arise.

Comparison Table

Let us summarize the comparison table here.




OOTB Solution

Site Collection Creation, HTML Pages, JS Files, Images, Content Types, List, Library etc. specified through an XML file & deployed using SRT.

Most Preferred

Third Party Solution

Ready-made, Fastest deployment.


Lite or Heavy customizations. Maintenance overheads.

Sandboxed Solution

Resource Metered. Deprecated.

SharePoint Hosted App

App discoverability, Corporate Catalog, Multiple App Instance creation across different client site collection, JavaScript Object Model


Provider Hosted App

App discoverability, Corporate Catalog, Multiple App Instance creation across different client site collection. C# Code, Remote Event Receivers, Low/High Trust configurable.


Farm Solutions

Full Trust Code, Advanced Solutions.

Preferred Last



In this article we have explored different development options in SharePoint 2013.

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