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SharePoint 2013 – Look & Feel of SharePoint 2010

Posted by Jean Paul on July 30, 2013

People who prefer SharePoint 2010 Look & Feel inside SharePoint 2013 can still have it. In this article I will provide the steps to achieve the same.


Step 1: Open Central Administration

Open you SharePoint 2013 Central Administration screen.


Step 2: Create new Site Collection

Choose the Create site collections link from the Application Management group.


Enter the information like Title, Template, Administrator etc.

Step 3: Choose SP 2010

This is the most specific step. Choose Experience version as 2010.


Enter the other parameters & click Ok to create site collection.

Step 4: Test new site

Now you are ready to test the new site collection. On entering new URL, you can see the site below.


Now you are ready with the SharePoint 2010 look & feel for a SharePoint 2013 site.


Please note that SP 2010 is not just a theme but an experience. Some of the advanced SP 2010 experience items will be missing here.



In this article we have explored how to create a site collection with SharePoint 2010 look & feel or experience.

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SharePoint 2013 Apps Explored

Posted by Jean Paul on April 21, 2013

An overview of SharePoint 2013 Office Store Apps is posted @ SharePointCTO!

You can visit using the link below.


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SharePoint 2013 New Features

Posted by Jean Paul on April 20, 2013

I have created a PowerPoint Slide (PPT) describing features of SharePoint 2013.

It could be useful in refreshing for interviews, demonstrating to clients, deciding on upgrade etc.

Please click the link below to read..


Please let me know your comments here..

Note: Existing subscribers can register in site SharePointCTO for SharePoint 2013 articles.

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SharePoint 2013 Tutorials

Posted by Jean Paul on March 27, 2013

I am writing SharePoint 2013 articles for SharePointCTO web site, link below:


You can find the articles there..


SharePoint 2013




Site Collection & Site

List & Library

Web Part



Central Administration

SharePoint Designer


Custom Development



Server Object Model

Client Object Model


Resources, Tools

Job Track

You are Welcome to visit the site by.. Happy SharePoint 2013!

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