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Enable Query Suggestions in SharePoint 2013 Search

Posted by Jean Paul on April 3, 2014

In this article we can explore how to enable Query Suggestions in SharePoint 2013 Search.

What are Query Suggestions?

Query Suggestions are auto complete items dynamically displayed in the Search text box.  This helps the user from typing the complete text as well as find out relevant search phrases.  Usually, Query Suggestions are based on past phrases history but we can also configure Query Suggestions.


How to configure Query Suggestions?

Open Central Administration > Service Applications > Search Service Application


From the left hand side choose the Query Suggestions link.  You will get the following page.

Enable the Show check box and choose the Import from text file option.


You can create your own phrases text file based on the customer requirement. 

I am using a sample text file which provides phrases for California state.


Save the text file & assign it to the import area.


After importing click save settings in the Query Suggestions page.

Now we have set the phrases to Search Service > Query Suggestions.

Run Timer Job

The phrases need to be returned to the Search User Interface by running the following timer job. 

Open Central Administration > Monitoring > Job Definitions > Go to Page 2 > Prepare Query Suggestions


Click on the item and you will get the following page.


You can see that the timer is set for daily execution, but we need to choose Run Now option to get immediate results.

You can optionally use an IISRESET too.

Testing the Query

Open your SharePoint site & type California in the text box. Wati for 3-5 seconds & you should see the auto-suggestions listed.


This confirms the Query Suggestions configuration.

Connecting Query Suggestions with Promoted Results

In real-world scenarios you can connect Promoted Results key words to Query Suggestions.  This will give more assistance & relevant results to the users.

Excluding Phrases

You can also exclude phrases from the Query Suggestions page.




In this article we have explored what is Query Suggestion & How to configure it.  I hope you enjoyed the piece of knowledge.

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