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SharePoint 2010 Project – Foster – Part 1

Posted by Jean Paul on June 24, 2012

As promised please find the Part 1 of the project named Foster.

Part 1: Requirement Specification

(In this document I have not included complex business rules/attributes to stay more focused on SharePoint skills)


Please download the above link and read it 2-3 times to get an overview of the project.

I will be coming up with the next part soon!

Note: After downloading you might need to Unblock the file to start reading.

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Coming Soon: SharePoint 2010 Projects!!!

Posted by Jean Paul on June 21, 2012

Hello Friends, Thank You all for supporting me through the community posts and replies.


Now I would like to go ahead one level more by creating real world SharePoint Projects.  The motivation was given from my colleagues and friends who wanted to see SharePoint in Action in real world scenarios.


Above All it will be based on the SDLC format of:

  1. Requirement Specification
  2. Design Document
  3. Implementation
  4. Documentation

As always i am open for queries, helps and discussing your opinions on architectural decisions.

Hope You will enjoy it!

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