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View Permission Levels

Posted by Jean Paul on February 24, 2015

In this article we can view the existing permission levels in SharePoint 2013.

Permission Levels

Permission Levels or Role Definitions are name associated with Permission Rights. Permission Rights are pre-defined items which are not customizable.

View Permission Levels

To view the permission levels for your site collection, please follow the following steps.

Open Gear Icon > Site Settings page


Click on the Site Permissions link. You will get the following page.


Click on the Permission Levels button from the ribbon. Following would be the Permission Levels.


The items on the left are Permission Levels. You can click on the hyperlinks to view/edit them. For example, the Full Control permission levels page is shown below.image

The Permission items are shown as Manage lists, Override List Behaviors etc.

Full Control & Limited Access permission levels are not customizable.



In this article we have explored viewing permission levels. In the upcoming article we an check how to create a custom permission level.

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