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Open with Explorer Not Working in Server

Posted by Paul on July 9, 2013

While working with SharePoint 2010 Document Library, I found the Open with Explore feature is throwing error on click.


Unlike Windows client operating system, there are some additional steps to be performed in Windows Server machine to get this feature work.


Please follow the steps to solve the problem.

Step 1: Install Desktop Experience

Open Server Manager, Click on the Features link from the left pane & click Add Features.


In the appearing dialog check the Desktop Experience item.


You might get an additional dialogue as shown below, choose the Add required Features button.


Returning to the Add Features dialog, click the Next button to continue.

Click the Finish button of the wizard & wait for operation to complete.

Step 2: Restart Machine

You might require a machine restart to continue with next step.


Step 3: Start Web Client Service

The Open with Explorer feature is enabled through WEBDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) which is an extension of HTTP for handling files in web servers.  You need to start the Windows Service named Web Client for enabling this.

The Web Client service is manageable through the Start > Run > Services.msc management console.


Click the Run button to start the service.  You can make the startup type to Automatic.

Step 4: Retest Open-with-Explorer

Now you are ready to test the feature in document library.  Open a library, go to Library tab & click the Open with Explorer button.




In this article we have explored how to enable the Open with Explorer feature for Windows Server machine.


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