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SharePoint 2016 New Features

Posted by Jean Paul on May 13, 2015

In this article I would like to highlight the features of SharePoint 2016. This information was collected from the Ignite session conducted by Microsoft.


Release by 2016-Q2

SharePoint 2016 is expected to release by 2016-Quarter-2.


Look N Feel

I cannot find any huge difference in SharePoint 2016 Look N Feel. The Tiled UI will be continuing.


On-Premise is here to Stay

Microsoft promised SharePoint 2016 will be having On-Premise version. There was a rumor about discontinuing On-Premise version from 2016 onwards. But, customers have reasons for all data cannot be on SharePoint Online.

Search with Delve

SharePoint 2016 will be having Search with Delve app. Delve is a new way of searching & presenting contents based on user’s interest. Delve’s roots goes to Office 365.

Delve can present information from Exchange, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Yammer based on user’s interactions. Please find references section to learn more about Delve.

Farm Solutions will be supported

Farm Solutions will be supported. This should enable lot of 2010 & 2013 code to be migrated to 2016 with least amount of upgrade to CSOM. But, as said earlier App Model / CSOM will be the preferred development model.


SharePoint 2016 will have improvised support for OneDrive. This is part of Microsoft’s Hybridization movement for On-Premise.

Hybridization is bringing cloud-features to On-Premises, rather taking On-Premise customers to Online versions.


Yammer will be integrated with SharePoint 2016. This is also part of Microsoft’s Hybridization movement for On-Premise. Additionally, External User interaction will be added to Yammer to enable external-users like customer/vendor communications.

Office Graph

Office Graph is the core component which will enable Delve Search & Hybridization feature. But, Office Graph will be residing in SharePoint Online and a Hybrid Connectivity from SharePoint 2016 will be provided.

Responsive UI

There are improvements to the default responsive user interface. This enabled SharePoint 2016 better view ability in mobile devices.

Hardware Requirements

It is cooler to see that the hardware requirements will be similar to SharePoint 2013. This will save lot of $ for developers & administrators who recently invested in hardware for SharePoint 2013.

Online Patching

Administrators should really like this feature. SharePoint 2016 allows applying patches while being Online. No need to take the servers off & users can continue working while patches are applied. Zero Downtime!

Expanding Boundary Limits

SharePoint 2016 expanded boundary limits on content database size, list view items count etc. This should save lot of shredding-jobs from Administrators and Developers.

User Profile Service Application will be removed

User Profile Service Application will be removed. I am not clear about the details on Active Directory synchronizing and so. Will have to play with the preview version to understand this.



Roadmap for Delve

SharePoint Evolution


In this article we have explored SharePoint 2016 features overview.

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New Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2013

Posted by Jean Paul on March 17, 2014

In this article we can explore the new Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2013.

What is Developer Dashboard?

Developer Dashboard is an Instrumentation Framework. It allows us to trace request, SQL queries, and ULS logs within the browser.

The URL for accessing Developer Dashboard is:


Following is the screen shot of the latest Developer Dashboard.


How to enable Developer Dashboard?

By default the Developer Dashboard is disabled.

We have to turn it to ON state from the current OFF state. To turn it ON, open the SharePoint Command Window (In Administrative Mode) & enter the following PowerShell command.

if ((Get-PSSnapin “Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell” -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null)
    Add-PSSnapin “Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell”

$content = ([Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService)

$dashboardSettings =$content.DeveloperDashboardSettings

$dashboardSettings.DisplayLevel = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPDeveloperDashboardLevel]::On


On enabling it, we can see the Dashboard icon in default master page.


Please note that you can get the PowerShell Snapin Script from here:


We can click on each Request URL to view the associated Instrumentation data:

1. Server Info

2. Scopes

3. SQL

4. SPRequests

5. Asserts

6. Service Calls

7. ULS

8. Cache Calls


Using the SQL tab, we can extract the SQL associated with a request.


You can click on the SELECT link to see the query associated.



Using the ULS tab, we can extract the Unified Logging Service outputs associated with a request.



Please note in SharePoint 2010 we had the ULS integrated with the page which lead to page loading performance issues.



In this article we have explored New Developer Dashboard & How to enable it.

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New Features in .Net 4.0

Posted by Jean Paul on November 26, 2010

Feature Description
Background Garbage Collection
Dynamic Language Runtime
Covariance and Contravariance
Memory-Mapped Files
Library Enhancements String.Concat, String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace, Enum.HasFlag, Environment.SpecialFolder

More Info:

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