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SharePoint 2010 – How to move/copy Site without PowerShell?

Posted by Jean Paul on May 14, 2013


In the life time of a SharePoint deployment, we need to restructure sites like:

1. Copy one site to another parent

2. Move one site to another parent

Surely there are PowerShell, STSADM, and Server Object Model ways of doing it. But here I am going through the SharePoint Web Interface way of doing it.

The advantage is that we can do it without the help of SharePoint Administrator & Central Administration.

Content Database

Each site collection resides in a content database. In the case of web application, there could be multiple content databases.

Copying Site

Now let us see how to copy a site from one location to another. Open your SharePoint site & choose Site Actions > Site Settings.


Choose the Site Administration > Content and Structure item. In the appearing page, choose the sub site & context menu, then Copy item.


You will get the following dialog to choose the destination site.

We are copying site from one parent to another parent.


Choose your Destination Parent & click the Ok button. Your Copy operation should begin now..


Wait for a few minutes until the contents are copied. You can see the new site is created.


You can try accessing it using the URL.


The site appears as shown below.


Moving Site

For moving site, you can use the Move context menu item & then choose destination parent site.



If you cannot see the Site Content and Structure link, you need to activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature from Site Settings > Site Collection features




In this article we have seen how to move/copy site without using PowerShell.

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