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Manually install .Net 4.0 application pools

Posted by Paul on January 17, 2011

If you are working in old version of IIS, you may not find the latest application pools for .Net 4.0.  This small article provides to install the missing .Net 4.0 application pools.

Manually install the .Net 4.0 Application Pools

Step 1: Open command prompt and locate the 4.0 folder


Step 2: Use the command ā€œaspnet_regiis.exe ā€“iā€


Wait for the installation to complete.


Step 3: Open IIS Manager to view the pools

You can click on the Application Pools link on the left to view the installed .Net 4.0 pools



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What is Host Header and how to configure it?

Posted by Paul on January 11, 2011


Host Header is a third piece of information to identify a web site.

Thus the web site can be identified by using the following:

    • IP Address
    • Port
    • Host Header

Host Headers was introduced in HTTP 1.1

Eg: is the host header

Configuration in IIS

We can configure host header in IIS using inetmgr application.

After configuration we need to publish the host header in the WINS (Windows Name Service) or DNS (Domain Name Service) depending on the site is an intranet or internet site.

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