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Future of SharePoint Development

Posted by Jean Paul on January 25, 2015

Following are the insights I got from Microsoft’s Session regarding future of SharePoint Development.

  1. App Model is the preferred development model for future.  There is no near future replacement for App Model.
  2. Provider Hosted App Investments will be more focused.  Already Cloud Hosted Apps is dead.
  3. SPCAF is the preferred code analysis tool for Apps.
  4. Farm Solutions will be supported in Future versions of SharePoint.  SharePoint Components are built using Farm Solutions.
  5. Sandboxed Solutions are deprecated.  But no current plan to prevent upload of sandboxed solutions.
  6. No-Code Sandboxed Solutions too not preferred
  7. O365 won’t support Farm Solutions in future.  There are multiple clients sharing the same platform.  Server Side Execution can impact them.
  8. Custom master pages would be least preferred.  Maximize usage of Composed Looks.

What we can make out from this?

If you are a Developer & Looking forward for a Career Up Move:

  1. Focus on Apps Development.  Add a Certification there.
  2. CSOM is preferred for PHA apps
  3. JSOM is preferred for SHA apps
  4. REST/ODATA services are good for managing list/library CRUD operations
  5. Farm Solutions are preferred only for special scenarios like Application Page, Timer Jobs etc.


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