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Customizing List Form with InfoPath

Posted by Paul on March 19, 2012

In this article I will take you through a real-world scenario of customizing List Form with InfoPath.


By default SharePoint List form provides the Attach File option, but your client wanted the option underneath the form, instead on the ribbon.


How to achieve this?


There is a way of including the attach control in list forms, but time being I am not using it.


Please follow the steps below to achieve this. Time being we can play with the Announcements list.

Step 1: Create Announcements List


Step 2: Open InfoPath Designer


Choose SharePoint List & click the Design Form button on the right.

In the appearing page enter the Site URL as shown below.


Step 3: Save & Publish

Step 4: Test the form

How to remove the form?

In cases you might need to rollback to the old SharePoint list form, you can use the List Settings > Form Settings to achieve the same.




In this article we have explored how to customize a List form with InfoPath. You need to have Microsoft Office InfoPath Designer installed in your machine.

Additionally, the client machine does not need InfoPath Designer to fill the form. SharePoint & Browser takes care of the rendering part.


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WinForms :: Get subitems in Menu programmatically

Posted by Paul on November 11, 2011

This is a small piece of code to iterate over menu sub items dynamically. The topic was generated from a forum fix and I thought it will be a good idea to blog it.

/* Place a menu strip control with File and Edit as the top level items.  Inside the File menu add 3 subitems.  Those items can be viewed dynamically using the following code */


MenuStrip menuStrip = this.Controls.Cast<Control>().Where(c => (c is MenuStrip)).FirstOrDefault() as MenuStrip;
if (menuStrip != null)
ToolStripMenuItem menuItem = menuStrip.Items.Cast<ToolStripMenuItem>().Where(mi => mi.Text.Replace("&", string.Empty).ToLower() == "file").FirstOrDefault() as ToolStripMenuItem;
foreach (ToolStripItem item in menuItem.DropDown.Items)


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