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Externalizing SharePoint Content

Posted by Paul on December 17, 2014

While working with SharePoint Intranet, sometimes the user required content to be accessible outside.  The need arise from:

  1. External Customers
  2. External Vendors
  3. External Partners

For example, You have a Sales Quote required & You can externalize a SharePoint Library where the Vendors can upload their Quotations.


Following are the 3 commonly used Externalizing Solutions:

  1. Extending
  2. VPN
  3. Third Party



We can extend an existing SharePoint web application using Zones.  Zones will point to the same application pool, but with different authentication mechanism.

For example, An Intranet require Windows Authentication, An Extranet can be configured with Forms Authentication, An Internet can be configured with Forms Authentication Anonymous.  Each Zone can have separate Access URLs too.

Each Web Application can have up to 5 zones.






When we create a new web application in SharePoint, the Default zone is activated.  We can later extend it to use additional zones.


Virtual Private Networks are other ways to access SharePoint outside the Intranet network.  This will be usually done for employees.

Third Party

There are third party no-code solutions available.  Here, the SharePoint Intranet contents are synchronized to an external website through connectors.  Although, this is a no-code solution, purchasing & configuration overheads exists.  Please see the references sections for more details.



In this post we have explored externalizing ways for sharing SharePoint content outside Intranet.


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