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Configure Excel Services

Posted by Paul on December 26, 2014

In this article we can explore how to configure excel services in SharePoint 2013.

Excel Services Application

Excel Services Application is required to be created as the first step of configuration. Open Central Administration > Manage service applications link.


Ensure that the following service application named Excel Service Application is created.


If it is not created, choose New > Excel Service Application link to create one.

Excel Calculation Services

Excel Calculations Services needed to be turned on. Open Central Administration > Manage services on server link.


Ensure that the following service Excel Calculation Services is started.


If it is not started, you can click the link to start it.

Manage Excel Service Application

Click the Excel Service Application from Service Applications. You will get the screen below.


Global Settings allows load balancing, memory management, security, external data, cache etc.

Trusted File Locations allows specifying trusted file location from which the Excel Services can load files.

Trusted Data Providers allow managing of external data providers like SQL Server.

Trusted Data Connection Libraries allows management of trusted data connection libraries.

User Defend Function Assemblies allows management of custom assemblies.

Data Model Settings allows management of SQL Server Analysis Services instances.



In this article we have explored how to configure excel services in SharePoint 2013. In the upcoming articles we can explore loading & manipulating an excel file using the excel services.


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