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Color Palette

Posted by Jean Paul on August 18, 2014

In this article we can explore how to create a color palette & deploy it.

Color Palette

A Color Palette is a combination of colors used in a SharePoint site. Each Master page contains multiple elements with color-names. A color palette contains color values for these pre-defined names.

A Color Palette has the extension .spcolor.

Following is the content of a sample .spcolor file.


Location of Color Palette File

The color palette file resides in the root site collection themes folder. You can access the location from Site Actions > Site Settings > Themes page.


Following is the Themes page.


Creating New Palette

You can open the themes gallery > 15 hive folder > download an existing .spcolor file. Later modify the color values according to your need.

Deploying New Palette

You can open the themes gallery > 15 hive folder > choose new document. In the appearing dialog choose the new spcolor file and upload.


Once uploaded, you can see the new palette in look and feel page.


Editing files

We can open the .spcolor file in notepad & edit the color hex values. Alternatively, there is a very good tool named Color Palette Tool which provides a graphical user interface in editing colors.


The tool can be downloaded from:

Please find my other article on using the same.


Please note that the themes folder also contains font files.



In this article we have explored color palette and deployment.

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