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WF Terminator

Posted by Paul on August 25, 2012


WF Terminator is a SharePoint 2010 Tool to Examine and Terminate Workflows.


Following is the scenario upon which I have created the tool:

· Customer needs to terminate a workflow instance

· Administrator needs a better tool to filter, examine & terminate workflows

SharePoint 2010 user interface provides a Workflow page to perform the same. But in case if the Administrator credentials not available the above tool can be used to filter, examine & terminate the running workflows. By default the System Account user token is used to impersonate to the site.


The tool provides the following features:

· Enumerating the workflows using System Account

· Filtering the results based on Workflow Status, Workflow User Name etc.

· Termination of Workflow


The tool is available in The main page is given below:

Use the Download link as shown below:


Screen Shot

Following is the screen shot of WF Terminator:


How to use it?

1. Download and execute the file.

2. Enter the site url

3. Enter your credentials, leave as blank for using System Account

4. Click on the Find Workflows button

5. Filter the result further using the Internal Status drop down list

6. Filter the result further using Author User text box

7. From the result, select a workflow to see the properties in grid

8. Click the Terminate button to cancel the workflow after ensuring

9. Confirm the Termination and the workflow will get stopped

10. Close the Application


Two levels of Filtering are provided:

1. Workflow Internal State (Locked, Running, Completed, Cancelled etc.)

2. Workflow Author Name (eg: domain\user1, domain etc.)


In this article we have explored the WF Terminator tool and the possible advantages of using it. The tool could be useful in the scenarios mentioned above.

As always I am open to hear from you. You can give feedback on improvement areas and feature requests.


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