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70-488 Manage Workflow Associations for a Content Type

Posted by Paul on December 31, 2014

In this article we can explore how to associate Workflows with Content Types.


Workflow allows set of pre-defined activities to be executed.  Workflows work using Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 engine in SharePoint 2013.


We can associate workflows against a list, library or content type.  Here we are focusing on associating workflow with content types.


Follow the steps below to associate a workflow with a content type.

Create a new site content type named Expense.


Then click the Workflow Settings and in the appearing page choose Add a workflow.


In the appearing page you can choose the workflow & enter name, configuration settings.


Choose the start option to start on creation of new item.


You will get the workflow created as below.


This concludes our workflow association. You can test the code by creating a content type item.


Once the workflow is created, it will fire for all the items created based on the Expense content type.



In this article we have explored how to associate Workflows with Content Types.


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Associate Metadata with Library

Posted by Paul on July 12, 2013

In this article I would like to demonstrate association of Metadata with a Library.


This article assumes that you already have Terms created using the Term store management tool. Now you are going to associate the same with a document library.

Site Actions > Site Settings > Term store management


For creating Term Set, please contact the appropriate site collection administrator.

Open Document Library

Open Library Settings > Create column link as shown below:


In the appearing page enter the column name, Term for example & choose type as Managed Metadata.


Scroll down the page & from Term Set Settings section, choose the Term Set.


Click the Ok button to save changes.

Good! You are ready with Term Set associated with the library.

Entering Data

Now you can try entering data along with the Term. Try uploading a new document to the library & you will be prompted with the term input.


You can select the term from a dialog, or type for auto-completion.

After saving the changes, you can see the term in the list view.


Allow Multiple Terms for a Column

In order to allow multiple terms for a column, in the column settings page, choose the option



Associating Terms along with document, items improve the Content Classification resulting in improved search, key filters.



In this article we have explored how to associate metadata with a Library.

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