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Power of Assets Library

Posted by Jean Paul on June 8, 2014

You might be thinking what is the specialty about Assets Library? Can we use an ordinary library to store videos & images?


What are the features of Assets Library?

Following are the features of Assets Library:

Content Types Assets Library has pre-configured content types for Image, Audio & Video. These content types offer pre-defined columns like Thumbnail, Preview, Size etc.


You can see the content types from the New menu.


Preview Assets Library provides Preview support. For example, storing an image or video file creates a thumbnail of the same & the library gets displayed in the thumbnail view.


Metadata Automatic metadata extraction is done by the Assets Library while file upload. We can get information image like dimensions, size & for video like play duration. Image files supported are BMP, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.


Podcast RSS Podcast is enabled for the Assets Library which will enable users to subscribe for new content uploads.

Search Preview Previews are provided for the Assets Library search results. This includes the thumbnail view & preview popup box.


Video Renditions User can upload different resolutions of the same video. The video renditions can have different codecs and formats, and bit rates. Then the user can choose the rendition to play.


If you just need to store picture files, then Picture Library would be the right option.



In this article we have explored the features of Assets Library.

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