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SharePoint 2010

Here I am listing SharePoint 2010 articles. You can refer this to start your programming with SharePoint 2010. The associated source code can be downloaded from the ebook link or from

Introduction, Installation, Features

  1. SharePoint 2010 Introduction
  2. Installation on Windows 7
  3. Using Lists
  4. Central Administration
  5. Creating Web Application
  6. New Features
  7. Views, Lookups and Validations in List
  8. Enterprise Document Management
  9. Using Libraries
  10. Web Parts
SharePoint Designer
  1. SharePoint 2010 Designer
  2. Creating List Definition using Designer
  1. Starting Programming
  2. Project Items inside Visual Studio
  3. Server Object Model
  4. Lists and Event Handlers
  5. List – Add, Edit, Delete using Code
  6. Create List Definition using Visual Studio
  7. Create Document Library
  8. LINQ and SPMetal
  9. Client Object Model

An ebook is compiled based on the chapters above plus additional ones. Β You can find the ebook here:


94 Responses to “SharePoint 2010”

  1. sukhdev said

    great book
    real help for new admin

    • Jean Paul said

      Thank You my dear friend..

      I won’t stop there.. my 2 books are on the way to release..
      – Interview Questions for SP 2010 (admin section too)
      – Full Fledged SP Development with 900 pages of content

      Thanks for the motivations!

  2. Anurag Roy said

    whaen you development book published?

    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Anurag,

      The development book was published around January 2012.

      Jean Paul

    • Anurag Roy said

      Hi Jean,

      In the above post you have mentioned that the development book has 900 pages of content but in the E-book we have 257 pages?
      can you please send teh link from where I can buy the book ALSO PLS SHARE THE LINK OF SHAREPOINT 2010 project book link.

      I have one question I want to uplao mails from outlook to sharepoint library keeping the metedata of the mail and To,From TIME FIEL OF THE MAIL SAME.i WANT TO DEVELOP ADDIN CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME ON THAT?

      • Jean Paul said

        Hello Anurag,

        The free version is only 257 pages. The paid version have 630 pages..

        Jean Paul

      • Anurag said

        Hi Jean,
        I want to uplao mails from outlook to sharepoint library keeping the metedata of the mail and To,From TIME FIEL OF THE MAIL SAME.i WANT TO DEVELOP ADDIN CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME ON THAT?
        Please help.


      • Jean Paul said

        Is it in SharePoint 2013?

        Right now I am writing articles on SP 2013 for, while i meet with Apps Development I can help you in that..

        Jean Paul

      • Anurag Roy said

        Thank you for you so quick reply
        Is in sharepoint 2010
        can you help me on that.Please help me
        I also can not be able to access the above link


  3. Ankit Tayal said

    Hi Jean,
    I have some questions for you.
    1. What is the difference betwwen sanboxed solutions and farm solutions ?
    2. Where are these solutions reside (which location)in Sharepoint 2010 ?
    3. In which scenario we use these projects ?

    Please explain in terms of your personal experience.i dont want ready made definition which are already there on internet πŸ™‚

    Ankit Tayal

    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Ankit,

      1. Sandboxed & Farm solutions are deployable packages WSP. Sandboxed solutions have less security constraints to be deployed so a user can deploy it to a site collection.

      Farm solutions are having higher constraints in deployment and thus requires SharePoint Administrators doing the job through Central Administration or PowerShell.

      So why the higher constraints? It depends on the amount of capabilities contained in the solution. For example, Sandboxed solution does not allow coded workflow, application pages etc. and more. But sandboxed solution provides higher flexibility in deployment without the intervene of administrator.

      2. The sandboxed solutions are uploaded to solution gallery of each site collection and hence reside in the content database. Farm solutions are residing in the file system.

      3. The scenario perfectly depends on what kind of items you are going to deploy. If you are using Application Page in your project, then the Sandboxed property of project cannot be True. Make it false to convert the sandboxed solution to farm solution.

      I hope your questions are clarified.. if time permits i will create an article on it.

      Jean Paul

  4. ashok said

    hi Jean,

    can u plz provide the WORKFLOWS materials.


  5. Sujith said

    Hi Jean,

    i am new to sharepoint.i need to attend the interview without hands of experience in sharepoint .is it possible.

    can u help me with the link to install sps 2010 on windows 7

  6. sujith said

    Hi Jean,

    Kindly help me with the concept of crawling and its use in sharepoint 2010.


    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Sujith,

      The Crawler is a process which reads the contents and creates Indexes.
      For example, if SharePoint users uploaded multiple text files. Later point of time searching the content is difficult if the search is going to read all the text files.

      Instead of reading all the contents during search, the search algorithm can look only in the Index to see potential results.
      Thus Indexing process helps reduce searching time,

      But Indexes are not build when uploading content, the Crawler (a timer job) performs the Index creation.

      You can think of it as a word document as the content, Index page as the Index information, Crawler as the process which creates Index page by reading the content. Later the user can quickly move to a content using the Index page.

      Jean Paul

  7. Sujith said

    Hi Jean,

    Thanks for helping me with the concept of crawling.

    i have read the topics which are mentioned below but could understand more clearly.

    if u wish kindly help me with the below concepts.

    1.How sharepoint works(ie)which program is used to built the application or which file is used to make it.
    2.Difference between webpart and farms.
    3.i have heard that sps 2010 are not widely used currently due to higher price of it i t true.
    4.SSP and its used
    5.Windows Authentication

  8. Santosh said

    What is difference between webpart and visual webpart?

  9. Santosh said

    Which is better Sandboxed or Form?Why?

    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Santhosh,

      Sandboxed or Farm solution depends on the requirement. They both are executed in different process boundaries.

      Sandboxed Solutions provides freedom of developer solution installations without intervention of Administrator.
      But Sandboxed Solution is executed in a restrictred process with limited resources.

      Farm solution have more privileges but more complicated installations.

      Please find the video for the choice decision:

      Jean Paul

  10. Harshal Yelpale said

    Hi Jean,
    I have some quries regarding SharePoint, i’m working on SP 2010,new for SharePoint (4 Months). So What is difference between MOSS(2007), SP 2010 & SP 2013 ?.

  11. Harshal Yelpale said

    Hi Jean,
    I want to create a workflow actions using sandbox solution in SP 2010. So i have created workflow for update a list item, it created successfully and used in SP Designer. But when I’m going to list and trying to update a list item (particularly) it gets an error. So is it possible to create a workflow actions using sandbox solution?
    Referred Link :

  12. Harshal Yelpale said

    Hi Jean,
    I need a SP 2010 & SP MOSS(2007) interview questionnaire(6-8 months).

  13. Loque said

    Hi jean,

    I have question on document library,

    How can we modify a view from document library depending on their level of permissions?I have try the solution from filters,the [Me] solution,but it only applied user only so the user can see his/hers document,the same goes the the admins,it only show their document only not all document uploaded by user from the site. I want to make that admin can view/modify all the document upload by all their users.

    I have deadline to catch and I’ve stuck with this problem since three weeks ago.You can e-mail me back if you did not understand what I’m trying to explain to you.


  14. ranjana said

    Hello Sir,

    i want create a website in sharepoint for practically purpose but i dont know how can hhcreate application in sharepoint

    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Ranjana,

      For creating web site > you can use the Site Actions > New site option.

      For creating web application > you can use Central Administration > Manage web applications > New command.

      I recommend you go through the fundamentals of SharePoint first, so you can play with it easily.

      Use my free ebook.

      Jean Paul

  15. ranjana singh said

    i want to make a project in sp2010 plz tell me howcan strat .

  16. ranjana said

    i have problem purchase this book


  17. ranjana said

    plz tell me FOSTER! Price (india )

  18. ranjana said

    Hello Sir,

    if install sharepoint in window 7. active directory not create in window 7 how can create user role .

  19. Bhawana said

    Hi ,

    Today is my first visit to your web site , I really found it interesting.But i am looking for infopath,Timer job programming ,BDC and BCS example and explanation.

    It will be grateful if u can provide this on your site.

    Many Thanks,

  20. DEEPAK SHARMA said

    Hi Jean,
    I read out your Sharepoint Administrator and Development 2010 Book that was realy helpfull….Can please ans me some question as below

    1.What is the Architecture of Sharepoint.?
    2.In General, which type of Architecture Organization follows while Creating Sharepoint Application or site.?


    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Deepak,

      Thank You for the good words & I am happy to provide any helps..
      Regarding your questions please find my answers:

      1) Architecture refers to the Topology, the number of servers & types
      For example in a farm scenario, there would be 2 web front end servers that serves the IIS web applications, 1 search server, 1 database server etc.
      This is a wide topic & we use tools to determine the topology.

      2) Depending on the number of users & number of activities organizations following sinlge server topology or multiple server one.
      The aim is to provide a higher responsive system where the hardware resources of server are not peaked out.

      Jean Paul

      • Deepak said

        I read one of ur article on c-sharp corner named SharePoint 2010 Project – Foster (Consolidated Article) .It sounds really interesting how can i get this complete article with and design all?

        Please reply


      • Jean Paul said

        Hello Deepak,

        Thank You for the good words..
        You can download the zip file there in CSH & start folllowing the documents (full articles)

        Jean Paul

      • Jean Paul said

        Hello Deepak,

        Please forgive me if the reply is duplicate πŸ™‚

        The CSH Foster is updated one, you can use it.

        Jean Paul

  21. Shreyas said

    Hi Jean Paul,

    Good Tutorials. Helped me a lot.
    I have a query.
    I have been self practicing in Sharepoint 2010 from past few months and want to have a job in the same. But some of the people here tell me that after MVC has come to market, sharepoint has lost its place.
    Is it trure? Can I go ahead and look for sharepoint job? I am basically from .net background(2.0 %3.5 bit).

    • Jean Paul said

      Thanks a lot Shreyas for the good words..

      Regarding your query, I perceive SharePoint as a better career option than MVC..
      MVC is just an architectural pattern & integrated with ASP.NET making it ASP.NET MVC.

      Considering the amount of time to be invested for mastering both technologies..
      1) MVC could be done in 1 month
      2) SharePoint requires at least 3 months & upto 1 year for a good amount of experience.

      As the complexity increases value too increases (provided same demand)
      Example would be: Taxi Drivers are paid less although they work more than Doctors, as the effort/cost of learning in skill pays you back πŸ™‚
      (pardon my weird examples)

      So if you are passionate about SharePoint & ready to enjoy challenges ahead, surely you will get better career with SharePoint & most satisfying one.

      Jean Paul

      • Shreyas said

        Thanks a lot for your quick and informative reply.
        In Sharepoint, which one will have more opurtunities? Sharepoint Admin or Sharepoint Development??

      • Jean Paul said

        Hello Shreyas,

        I prefer going for Developer as they are more than Administrators!
        Plus developer job needs more aggression than Administration! So if one is having talent for Development, he should not go smaller than it.. aim higher.

        I do not prefer the easy path, but go with the potential hardest path, practice it and make it easy πŸ™‚
        My theories are weird, but were highly successful till now.

        Jean Paul

  22. Dan said

    Mr. Paul,
    Does the paid version of your Sharepoint Administrator and Development 2010 Book
    include a real world project ? Also, Is it available in PDF format ?

  23. Dan said

    Mr. Paul,

    Are the interview questions in your SharePoint 2010 Interview Questions Book different than the interview questions in your SharePoint Administrator and Development 2010 Book ?

    What are the differences between the free SharePoint Administrator and Development 2010 Book and the paid version ?

    Is there a SharePoint 2010 Interview Questions Book Volume 2 ?


    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Dan,

      I appreciate your interest towards the book..

      The SharePoint 2010 Interview Questions content are same in both the Books.
      – The SharePoint 2010 Paid Book will be priced higher than Interview Questions.

      The free book contains only 230 pages & no real world scenarios, interview questions, project!

      I prefer you the SharePoint 2010 Paid Book for advanced learning & confidence building through real world projects.

      Jean Paul

  24. Shreyas said

    Hi Jean,

    I went through most of the articles and it was informative. Thanks a lot.
    Is there any Infopath material?

  25. Dan said

    Mr. Paul,

    As you advised, I recently purchased the second edition of your SharePoint Administrator and Development 2010 Book from LULU publishing. This version is only 263 pages and has no interview questions or a real project. It seems I paid for the free version of your book. I’m not pleased about that. Does LULU have the correct version of your book ? On Amazon, the book cover appears to be different. Is that version of your available as an ebook ?


  26. Dan said

    Mr. Paul,
    I noticed the difference in the book cover on Amazon after I purchased the
    softcopy from LULU. Unfortunately, It is soft copy and cannot be returned. I will not buy anything more from them. I wasted money/tjme purchasing an otherwise free ebook. Are you saying the book on Amazon is only available in hardcopy ?


  27. Dan said

    Thanks. I will purchase the hard copy directly from Amazon. If I have any comments or questions regarding the book can I leave them on this blog ?

  28. Shreyas said

    Hi Jean,

    Can I buy the book in INR. Is it separately available?

  29. Bhaskar said

    Hi Jean,

    Can this book is not available in your site & can you provide free link to download this book.
    Now a days i am looking to change the job,so i need some prepartion in sharepoint 2010,this book is helpful or not.Can you provided me some chapter,so that it is meaningful or not.


    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Bhaskar,

      The free book is available for download (230 pages)

      The paid book is of 625 pages & all the content except Int Qns are available in the blog..
      The price of book is for the mundane formatting work I did. I made sure it is the cheapest one in the series.. There are other SP books with 40$ above value & 50% less content than mine..

      I did not add the pdf version purchasable as it leads to Piracy!

      As i am an SP MVP, i need to help people in more easier ways..

      So if you are serious, learn the 625 pages book from Amazon, learn interview questions, do a MS Certification, you are Fit for Job in Professional way!

      Good Luck with your SharePoint Journey!

      Jean Paul

  30. ranjana said

    Thanks sir ,

  31. Hello Jean,

    I have problem with manual deployment webpart using powershell.

    Add-SPSolution and Install-SPSoltion both not work in powershell.

  32. Ankit said

    Hello Jean,
    From last 1 weeek i am facing a issue when i creating a Sandboxed solution in Visual Studio.
    Error is : Error occurred in deployment step ‘add solution’ value cannot be null. parameter name g

    I referred many blogs but unfortunately no success. Can u please help if you have some solution for this.


    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Ankit,

      Sorry for the delay in reply, as i was busy with squadron..

      You can do one thing – send me your solution (exclude your core application files)..
      I will try deploying & let you know the problem & fix..


      Jean Paul

      • Ankit said

        Hey Jean,
        Today i have made two solutions (Just blank no code at all) and still getting the same error
        i.e. Error is : Error occurred in deployment step β€˜add solution’ value cannot be null. parameter name g.

        Can u try at your end ? if you are also getting the same error.
        or is there anything wrong with my local VM setting. as It is not a code problem πŸ™‚
        Eager to get a solution of this problem.

        Thanks & Regards
        Ankit Tayal

  33. srinivas said

    How to deploy SharePoint solutions from development environment to production environment.
    Will u please guide the steps.

    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Srinivas,

      There are multiple ways of doing it..

      If you wanted full structure with data, then content database copy/restore would be good idea.

      If you need certain solutions to be deployed, the create WSP files & deploy to server

      If you need a particular list to be deployed, then list save as template (include data) & deploy

      Jean paul

      • srinivas said

        Thanks Sir,

        I need detail description about deployment from development environment to production server, will you please share if u have any documents or provide the web links if u have sir.

      • srinivas said

        Hi Sir,
        When i deploy web parts, .WSP file is created by visual studio 2010, and that .WSP file is in the Solution Store of SharePoint development environment, now that .WSP file i have to deploy in to production Server. How to do this???
        Wether we use Power Shell or copy and paste the .WSP file in to production server or another way?

      • Jean Paul said

        Hello Srinivas,

        For deploying to production server, there are 3 steps:

        1. Copy wsp to production server

        2. Use Add Solution powershell command

        3. Use Install Solution powershell command

        Once it is installed, you can activate the feature through respective site collection.

        Please find the link below:

        Jean Paul

  34. srinivas said

    Now i understood the deployment concept. Thanks Sir.

  35. srinivas said

    Hello Sir,
    If i have to face the interview as 2 years 5 months of experience as SharePoint developer, What are the topics i have prepare to crack the interview.

    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Srinivas,

      In you range i believe Web Parts, Solutions, Server Object Model, Basics of Installations, Advantages of SharePoint, Basics of Workflow, Sequential Workflow etc. would be important topics.

      You can see my Interview Questions book for more..

      Jean Paul

  36. srinivas said

    Hello Sir,
    I have 2 farm administrator accounts. GGN\sp1 and SHAREPOINT\TESTUSER1.
    I am logging as SHAREPOINT\TESTUSER1 and created WebApplication.
    And while crreating SiteCollection In that WebApplication it is throwing a popup enter WINDOWS CREDIENTAL username and password.
    In that popup i entered the credentials SHAREPOINT\TESTUSER1 and password, but it displaying blank page. Not getting Team site template(landing page).
    What is the reason? How to sort out this issue?

    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Srinivas,

      For finding out the issue you can check SharePoint ULS Logs.

      Regarding team site template, you create another web application & site collection with a BLANK Template to ensure error do not happen again.

      Jean Paul

      • srinivas said

        Hello Sir,
        I have created .aspx webpart page in sharepoint designer 2010, And while integrating java script getting error.

        (in XHTML1.0 strict the tag is not permitted)

        Actually i want to implement the below java script, in my web part page using share point designer
        How to sort this issue?

        Professional SharePoint 2007
        Beginning ASP.NET 3.5
        Professional SharePoint Development using

        function getBookInfo(object)
        var selected = object.options[object.selectedIndex].value;
        var ISBN;
        var Price;
        var Message;
        if (selected == β€˜1’)
        ISBN = β€œ091283900129”;
        Price = β€œ$39.99”;
        Message = β€œBook Info: β€œ + ISBN + β€œ | β€œ + Price;
        else if (selected == β€˜2’)
        ISBN = β€œ298734689102”;
        Price = β€œ$42.99”;
        Message = β€œBook Info: β€œ + ISBN + β€œ | β€œ + Price;
        else if (selected == β€˜3’)
        ISBN = β€œ948302381002”;
        Price = β€œ$36.99”;
        Message = β€œBook Info: β€œ + ISBN + β€œ | β€œ + Price;

  37. shivam kantore said

    Great book…

    I really learn a lot from it.

  38. srinivas said

    What is Safe Control In SharePoint 2010?

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