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SharePoint 2013

I am writing SharePoint 2013 articles for SharePointCTO web site, link below:

You can find the articles there..


SharePoint 2013




Site Collection & Site

List & Library

Web Part



Central Administration

SharePoint Designer


Custom Development



Server Object Model

Client Object Model


Resources, Tools

Job Track

You are Welcome to visit the site by.. Happy SharePoint 2013!

9 Responses to “SharePoint 2013”

  1. srinivas said

    Will u please send me the list of features we can implement for Share Point 2013 EXTRANET?

  2. Arun kumar said

    Will u please send me any resources or documents about extranet?
    how to implement share point 2013 extranet ? for vendors, customers, partners. It will be very helpful for me.

  3. Arun kumar said

    I have to implement SharePoint 2013 extranet portal for customer, suppliers, partners and Staff.

    And customer, suppliers, partners should not see each other’s data except Staff.
    How to start implementation, whether we have to implement all within a single site collection or we have to create separate site collection to each? Can u share high level functionality how to implement?

    • jeanpaulva said

      Hello Arun Kumar,

      I have worked in particular scenario where following solutions are applied:

      1) Create separate web application for employees & customers as authentication mechanism itself was different

      2) Create common site collection where employees & customers works on the same list/library, here we used User Permissions & Filtering options to separate record-seeing from each other.

      Jean Paul

  4. Arun Kumar K M said

    We had installed Visual Studio 2012 on SharePoint 2013.

    When creating new Empty SharePoint project, suppose to get this error message” SharePoint server is not installed on this computer. a SharePoint server must be installed to work with SharePoint projects”.

    And none of the SharePoint 2013 templates are also not displaying in Visual Studio 2012.

    How to resolve this issue.

    Any help/thoughts will be appreciated.

    • jeanpaulva said

      Are you installing VS on SP machine?

      Try installing Visual Studio Tools for SharePoint 2013

      If you are developing Apps, you can use NAPA tools

      If none of the problem fixed, i prefer run SP repair/reinstall

  5. Satish said

    I want to work with sharepoint 2013 development. For apps development is it required ‘Domain’ for publishing apps?.Presently i am using standlone machine is it require DNS for standalone also for Apps development.

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