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There are 2 types of People in the World, One who Likes SharePoint and..

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About Me

Technical Profile

I am a Software Developer with Decade above Experience in Software Development ranging SharePoint, C#, ASP.NET, WCF etc. I do Corporate Training & Consulting on request basis.

I am a Technical Community Contributor with Articles, Blogs & Sessions.   I have immense passion for Programming, Growth & Mentoring.

I have authored the following Books.

des  sp2010  sp2010 b  sp intv

I have been honored with Prestigous Microsoft MVP Awards from 2012-2015.  Plus, I have received MVP Awards from &

  cshmvp  cp mvp

I am a TOGAF certified architect & Microsoft certified in SharePoint 2013, 2010.

togaf  mcpd

I have work experience in Multiple MNCs as Developer, Trainer, Architect.

ey    logi     cap

I am an Article Author in the following sites:

Few other Certification Achievements are given below:

My Academic Qualifications are:

  • B. Sc Computer Science (Mahatma Gandhi University, India)
  • MBA (Karnataka University, India)

My contact details are given below:


Thank You for Visiting!

24 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Jignesh said

    Trying to reach you. Just wanted to have a word with you.
    Feel free to call me on 98190 92055 or share your mobile no.
    Jignesh – xMVP

  2. krishna said

    i would like to know from you that how to become MVP by doing certifications or experience or we need to present articles and approved by microsoft can you suggest me plz.thank you mr.paul

    • Jean Paul said

      MVP represents Most Valuable Professional in a particular technology / community.
      I do hold the MVP from MindCracker for the contributions in For getting Microsoft MVP to my knowledge a 1 year contribution in particular technology track is needed.

  3. All the very best Jean ! Its amazing !

  4. Kiran said

    Hi Jean,
    I am Kiran, I started working on SP from last 2 months. I didn’t find any proper way to learn SP.Can you suggest me way to learn SP.

    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Kiran,

      Good to see your interest in SP.
      I would like to say the Interest is the Key to learning any thing.

      I prefer you learn sharepoint by starting from the installation itself.
      After playing for 2 weeks, you can start with programming.

      You can refer to my ebook and suggest some improvements too.

      Jean Paul

      • Kiran said

        Hi Jean, Congratulations for MVP.
        Thanks for your reply.
        I have gone through your e book.
        Your e-book is best from my collection of SharePoint books.

        Regards Kiran.

  5. Nikheel said

    Hi jean ,
    I am reading your sharepoint-2010-administration-development book.
    It is very useful and simple to understand in easy way.


  6. vishnuvg said

    Hi Jean,
    Could you please share your email address or number to I am stucked with installing sharepoint on windows7

  7. antriksh goyal said

    you were working with exostar ???

  8. Kreatyna said

    I loved the way that you described your experiences in the second paragraph

  9. Arun kumar said

    How to move the SharePoint documents to cloud through web-services?

    • jeanpaulva said

      Hello Arun,

      This purely dependes on your cloud provider. It they provide an interface to upload documents, you can use the same.
      From the SharePoint point of view, you can use Library > Explorer View to bulk copy documents. The Server Object Model can be employed if you need better/faster copy operation.

      Jean Paul

  10. Unais said

    Hi Jean Chetta,

    Do you remember me?. I am a friend of Alen and Shiju, Changed my company to a fortune 500 one in Noida before two months. I was working with MVC and tomorrow is my first day in SharePoint side in my new company. Shiju became MVP in C# corner. I got a new project in SharePoint, all are just because of you Boss.. Heart felt thanks… Keep me too in your prayers. Thank you for the immense help and inspiration through the blog. Thanks a lot..

    Unais NI

    • jeanpaulva said

      Hello Unais,

      Sorry for the delay in reply, somehow i missed it 🙂

      Congratulations on the new job! I like Shiju a lot as he is hard working & ambitious.. I am happy that you are passionate about SharePoint..

      I did not get that how you got job through me, anyways you are Welcome!
      My heart felt, Best Wishes for you, Keep the passion on, Move up in life 🙂


  11. Prasanna Kumar Das said

    Hi Jean,
    Congratulations for your huge achievements.
    This is Prasanna.I am the new one in SharePoint ,So i am confusing how to start,Where to start.Can u suggest me way to learn SharePoint.

  12. Sneha said

    Hi Paul,

    I dont know whether this is the right place to ask , but I have a very weird problem and I am very desperately looking for a solution. The problem is, I need a subsite to be excluded from search results(searched form root site, same level subsite or anywhere else) and have it own search, where results are permitted to this subsite. I tried almost everything. Can you please help with ?

    Thank you.

    • jeanpaulva said

      Hello Sneha,

      You can try excluding the result URL in one site & non-excluding in the required.

      Jean Paul

      • Sneha said

        Actually, i have a site collection, there is one subsite under this which has secured information, I dont want this site results to be shown anywhere if i search in root or other subsite. But, I need search for this particualr site which excludes all other sites results .
        I was able to exclude this subsite from search but after exluding, we cannot have search in it. I tried using result source and system and offline availability(where we can select dont show this site in search). But unable to search in excluded site.

      • Sneha said

        And I applied query to exclude a site in root site, so that every new site added will follow it. And excluded site followed same, to not to be search results.
        Any other way to do this?

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