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Here I would like to list the articles and code snippets related to Generics, Lambda Expressions, Threading, Reflection, WinForms etc.

Generics & Reflection
C# Generic Method for Parsing Value Types
Reflection Comparer in C#
Reflection – Copy Properties

Lambda Expressions
Speed of Lambda
Delegates, Anonymous Methods, Lambda Expressions and Advantage
Grouping using Lambda Expressions
Lambda Expressions Extension Methods Series 12 – ToLookup()
Getting Familiar with the Type releated Extenstion Methods
How to map a command to method without using if/switch?
One Line Lambda – To remove items in a list
One Line Lambda – To select last 3 items in the list and find sum
One Line Lambda–Lookup list of Lambda Expressions for common scenarios
Lambda Expression for converting current datetime to Indian Standard Time
Lambda Expressions with Multiple Parameters
Lambda Expressions Extension Method 1 – All()
Lambda Expressions Extension Method 2 – Any()
Lambda Expressions Extension Method 3 – Take()
Lambda Expressions Extension Method 4 – TakeWhile()
Lambda Expressions Extension Method 5 – Skip()
Lambda Expressions Extension Method 6 – SkipWhile()
Lambda Expressions Extension Method 7 – Select()
Lambda Expressions Extension Method 8 – Select() with Anonymous Type
Lambda Expressions Extension Methods Series 9 – OfType()
Lambda Expressions Extension Methods Series 10 – Min, Max, Sum, Average
Lambda Expressions Extension Methods Series 11 -SequenceEqual()
Lambda Expressions Extension Methods Series 12 – ToLookup()
Grouping using Lambda Expressions
Getting Familiar with the Type releated Extenstion Methods

What is Foreground thread? / What is Background thread?
When to use lock?

WinForms: How to create a control from another thread?
WinForms :: Get subitems in Menu programmatically
Global Exception Handler in WinForms
ColorComboBox to pick colors
How to edit app.config file?
Zipping and Emailing Project – Using DotNetZip
How to make ComboBox highlight color to none?

How to create a transparent Bitmap?
Compressing and Decompressing files in C#.Net
New Features in .Net 4.0
Simple invoking order of Constructors
Serialize and Zip in one step
Saving an embedded file in C#
Importance of TimeZoneInfo class
Simplest way of zipping and unzipping in .Net
How to send Html Email using c#?
How to view disassembly code in VS 2005/2008?
TDD – Red Green Refactor Example
Creating a Plugin enabled Application : Part 1 of 2
Creating a Plugin enabled Application : Part 2 of 2
Free Controls for WinForms and ASP.NET

A copy of the same post and associated source code can be found in Hope you enjoyed the posts. 🙂

2 Responses to “C#.NET”

  1. shaik din said

    Dear Paul,

    Hope doing well.

    I kindly request you if posible can you please provide ebook like sharepoint ebook you provided.

    Shaik Din

    • Jean Paul said

      Hello Shaik,

      I am obliged to the requests from the community members like you… but would like to honestly reveal that.. my TODO lists for SharePoint is far behind by a month and to achieve them i need to post daily 2 articles, plus another 2 month needed for the SharePoint tools to be built.

      Previously I had a target of writing a book on ADO.NET Entity Framework as i felt some middle level companies misunderstood it, but later decide that to confine to SharePoint completely. It is fun to be having lots of technology, but I have made SharePoint my core career.. lots of interesting things there in SP.. Day and Night, Eating or Sleeping .. only SharePoint in my mind now!

      Simply it is like to become the King of something, rather than Jack of everything!
      I hope you understand my commitment towards SharePoint, so kindly allow me to focus on SharePoint.

      Jean Paul

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