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Windows Azure is Microsoft’s answer to Cloud Computing.  It offers robust development and deployment facilities for the .Net developer.  Plus, it will enable the existing ASP.NET, WCF, C# skills to be migrated to this new arena.

Here I would list the step by step tutorials for learning Windows Azure. The chapters are organized in the order of Basics to Advanced.  You will be needing Visual Studio 2010 to continue with the articles.  The articles will be redirecting to as the associated downloads can be found there and I do not wanted to duplicate the contents.

1. Introduction to Azure
2. Creating Web Role
3. Creating Worker Role
4. Staging to Production Deployment
5. Publishing

1. Storage Basics
2. Local Storage
3. Create Storage Account
4. Create Blob in Storage Emulator
5. Create Queue in Storage Account
6. Create Table in Storage Account
7. Create Blob in Storage Account
8. Adding Certificate in Portal
9. Platform Management Tool (MMC)
10. Summary of Storages

SQL Azure
1. SQL Azure Introduction
2. Create new SQL Azure Server and Database
3. Connect to SQL Azure
4. Data Definition and Manipulation in SQL Azure
5. Connecting to SQL Azure using Management Studio
6. SQL Azure Management Portal Introduction
7. SQL Azure Management Portal – Create Database and Table
8. SQL Azure – Using ADO.NET Entity Framework – Creating DataModel
9. SQL Azure – Using ADO.NET Entity Framework – Data Operations

1. AppFabric Introduction
2. AppFabric Service Bus Application
3. AppFabric Service – Server Creation
4. AppFabric Service – Client Creation
5. AppFabric Caching Service Introduction
6. AppFabric Caching Service Programming
7. AppFabric Access Control Service Introduction
8. AppFabric Access Control Service Portal

1. WCF Hosting Methods
2. WCF in Web Role
3. WCF in Worker Role

1. Windows Azure – Viewing Deployment Machine Details
2. Windows Azure – Logging

You can find the eBook on Windows Azure below.

3 Responses to “Azure”

  1. anuj said

    Adding Certificate in Portal option has a duplicate link url.

  2. vamsi said

    Thanks for the excellent book ,i was struggling to get a good understanding earlier,
    I got a good idea on windows azure now

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