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OData with REST

Posted by Jean Paul on June 19, 2015

In this post we can get introduced to OData along with REST.


REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a stateless communication protocol using HTTP and ensuring HTTP verbs are accurately used for CRUD operations. Please see references for more information.

SharePoint 2013 supports REST services which enabled an easier & better communication from client-side. We can use REST for:

1. Getting site information using URL

2. Getting list information using URL

3. Getting list items using URL

An example of REST URL is:


But, REST have drawbacks on querying and filtering. For example, using the URL format it is difficult to filter items.


OData stands for Open Data Protocol. OData allows Filtering & Interoperability on REST services. We combine OData along with REST methods.

So REST + OData allows gives more flexibility in querying & filtering items.

Selecting Columns using OData

Following OData sample specifies selection of Title column only.



FYI: The above query without the Title selection is as following.



Although REST is stateless like HTTP, the sessions are stored in client-side and transferred back and forth from web server.



In this post we have explored usage of REST with OData in SharePoint 2013.  In the upcoming posts we can explore more options in OData.

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