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SharePoint Form Digest

Posted by Paul on May 23, 2015

In this article we can explore about Form Digest in SharePoint.

Form Digest

Form Digest is used to insert a security validation for SharePoint pages. The digest value will be created by SharePoint server during page creation.

Example: A user loads a SharePoint page. He injected a script which updates the list data. When the user posts the page, the server will check Form Digest value against the page content. Thus, security attacks can be prevented.

Viewing Form Digest

You can use the view-source of a SharePoint page to see the form digest value. The value is stored under name ___REQUESTDIGEST.


FormDigest Class

For custom pages, you need to us the FormDigest user control for automatically inserting the form digest value. Following is the definition of FormDigest class.


Following is the usage of FormDigest class.


Once the page is rendered, the view-source will show the __REQUESTDIGEST key-value pair.


Client Side

While working client-side scripts OR invoking REST services, we need the form digest value creation or refresh. Refresh is required especially for SPA (Single Page Applications) where the user won’t load the page for long time & use scrolling/update feature to interact with it. (Eg: Facebook App)



In this post we have explored Form Digest in SharePoint.


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