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Create a SharePoint 2013 Development VM

Posted by Jean Paul on March 10, 2015

In this article we can explore how to quickly acquire a SharePoint 2013 Development Virtual Machine.

Software Requirements

Following are the software requirements for a SharePoint Development VM:

1. Windows Server 2012

2. SQL Server 2012

3. Visual Studio 2013

4. SharePoint Server 2013

Azure VM

I am suggesting Azure VM for a Trial period of 30 days. Click on the link below to start with:

You can use your personal email for registration. Click on MY ACCOUNT link on the top. You will get the page displayed below.


Click on the Management Portal from the left side bottom. You will get the portal shown below.


Here you can create & manage websites, virtual machines etc. Click on the VIRTUAL MACHINES item from the left pane. Then on the CREATE VIRTUAL MACHINE link.


In the appearing pane choose the COMPUTE > VIRTUAL MACHINE > FROM GALLERY option. Here you can select from pre-created templates. Using templates would save our time.


In the appearing page choose the following template.


The template Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 Update 4 on Windows Server 2012 is required as this installation will be having a PowerShell script on the desktop which will do the SharePoint 2013 installation.

We are first installing Visual Studio 2013 & then proceeding with SharePoint 2013 installation.

Click the Next button to continue.


Enter the machine, user information to continue.

On Page 3 you can choose the REGION closer to your location.


Select the default options in Page 4.


Click the TIK button for the installation to start. You will get the status shown below.


Once you see the status changed as Running (shown below)


Click on the CONNECT button from bottom row.


You should be getting a .RDP file. Open the file for Remote Desktop connectivity into the VM we created.


You can use the username & password given during VM creation. You will get the machine as shown below.


You are ready with th VM. For installing SharePoint 2013, we have to travel a bit more.

Run PowerShell scrip in the folder ConfigureDeveloperDesktop > Scripts > ConfigureSharePointForm.ps1 as shown below.


The script will install SQL Server & SharePoint. When prompted you have to respond with following:

1. Choose Yes for the policy prompt

2. Enter your username and password for Service Account prompt

It might take an hour for the operations to complete.


To ensure you are optimizing your credit usage, you need to SHUTDOWN the machine after use.



In this article we have explored how to create a SharePoint 2013 Virtual Machine with Development Tools ready.

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