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Site Provisioning

Posted by Paul on February 27, 2015

Site Provisioning is the activity of making a Site available for users.

For example: Create a Project Management site for Team A.  The Site Provisioning activities include:

  1. Create a site from a template
  2. Customize home page
  3. Create lists
  4. Create libraries
  5. Configure permissions
  6. Set Policies

Types of Site Provisioning

Following are different types of site provisioning:


Site Definition

Site Definitions are deployed to the file system.  Site Definition contains pre-configured lists, libraries, pages features. We can use Visual Studio for creating Site Definitions.

Site Template

Site Template reside in SharePoint library.  Site Templates contain a snapshot of an existing site.  SharePoint user interface is used to create Site Template.

PowerShell Script

We can use a PowerShell Script for site provisioning.  Here all the activities including template selection, lists, library creation are managed through script.  Here script runs in the server-side.

Remote Provisioning

Remote Provisioning involves provisioning a SharePoint Online site from a different server.  Here CSOM (Client Side Object Model) code will be used for the provisioning activities.  All the required activities like create site, configure lists & libraries are done through the remote code.


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