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Excel Services vs. Office Web Apps

Posted by Paul on February 18, 2015

While working with Excel Services in SharePoint 2013, one may have a query:

1. What is the difference between Excel Services & Excel in Office Web Apps?

Here I would like to list the differences.

Excel Services

Excel Services allows viewing & interacting with excel workbooks in a browser. The URL would be like below:

http://server/ layouts/15/xlviewer.aspx


Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps allows viewing & interacting with office files in a browser. Office Web Apps include Excel Web App which could be an alternative to Excel Services. The URL would be like below:




Following are the limitations of Excel Services:

1. Excel Services does not aloe Creation of workbooks

2. Excel Services does not allow Editing & Saving of content

3. Excel Services cannot display workbooks containing macros

Following are the advantages of Excel Services:

1. Display a single item from a workbook in web part

2. Hide Calculations & Formulas

3. Prevent Download

Following are the limitations of Office Web Apps:

1. Separate configuration required

2. Separate User licensing required


You can also find difference between:

1. Excel Services

2. Office Web Apps

3. Office Online



In this article we have explored the differences between Excel Services and Excel in Office Web Apps


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