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SharePoint Administrators & Job Security

Posted by Jean Paul on December 10, 2014

I have been asked following questions by my Friends, SharePoint co-workers.

  1. Is SharePoint Online is the only future?
  2. What is the future of SharePoint On-Premise?
  3. SharePoint Administrator Job is Secure?

I am trying to answer the above questions producing the following facts.


SharePoint Online is not Everything

First of all, SharePoint Online is not everything.  I believe the future will definitely have SharePoint On-Premise as well.  Why?

  1. SharePoint Online still face Connectivity (Internet-Online) problems
  2. Clients do not fully trust putting their legacy documents in SharePoint Online
  3. Bulk Operations in SharePoint Online can be time-consuming and tedious
  4. Custom full-trust solutions are not allowed in SharePoint Online
  5. Heavy customizations are still a limitation in SharePoint Online

So I believe SharePoint On-Premise still wins!  It has to stay for at least next 3 years.

SharePoint 2013 On-Premise Adaption is still Going On

Interesting to see that, closer to 2016 where Office 2016 is planned to be released, Still companies are migrating their systems from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010/2013.  So I believe, next 3 years will see lot of migration happening in SharePoint On-Premises/Online. 

Legacy codes, Farm Solutions are not easily migrate able to Online.

Intranet Content Management Still Persist

Still people are more comfortable with their Intranet based Content Management System.

  1. Unless Microsoft comes with a different strategy for Office Systems & Cloud, I would not see any serious threat to SharePoint On-Premise.

Hybrid Models

Hybrid models are the upcoming trend.  It combines a solution of SharePoint On-Premise & Online.

SharePoint Online Still Requires Administrator

Good News is that the SharePoint Administrator have still Job to manage SharePoint Online contents.  Although it won’t be full-fledged On-Premise activities, still there are lot of scopes on Site Management, PowerShell script execution, Access Provide etc.


By using future I mean the next 3 years.  In IT I do not take a risk of predicting more than 3 years.  If you wanted the prediction for 6 years, we have to wait for 3 years – as after 3 years I can predict for the 6th year. 🙂


SharePoint On-Premise & Administrator Jobs are going to stay for next 3 years, in my view.  I would recommend, gradually investing in SharePoint Online, Apps areas too.

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