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Provider Hosted Apps

Posted by Jean Paul on November 20, 2014

Provider Hosted App is hosted outside the SharePoint environment.  This means you will be having a SharePoint environment and an App Environment.

The App Environment can be hosted in IIS using ASP.NET.


Following are the advantages of Provider Hosted Apps:

  1. SharePoint Server is freed from app-execution resources
  2. SharePoint Server is protected from app-crash

App Web & Remote Web

App Web is the SharePoint site created while installing an App.

Remote Web is the Provider Hosted site created to host the App.



The good thing is that we can use C#.Net as the development language.

Server Object Model

As the code is executed in a remote web where the SharePoint binaries are not available we cannot use Server Object Model.

Client Side Object Model

We can use the CSOM using C#.Net. 

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