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Enterprise Keywords

Posted by Paul on July 8, 2014

In this article we can learn about the Enterprise Keywords feature of SharePoint 2013. This feature was available in SharePoint 2010 as well.

What is Enterprise Keyword?

An enterprise keyword is a special site column that allows user terms to be stored in a non-hierarchical list. Typically this gets stored along with the Managed Metadata under pre-defined term set called keywords.

image image

What are the advantages of Enterprise Keywords?

Following are the major advantages of using enterprise keywords:

1. It enables Folksonomy

2. Users can submit new keywords

3. It is reusable across Tags and Notes

How to start using an Enterprise Keyword column?

Please follow the steps below to create an enterprise keyword column:

Step 1: Create a list

Create a list of type contacts.


Step 2: Add column

Choose List Settings & then the option Add column from existing Site Columns. In the appearing page scroll down to select the item Enterprise Keywords.


Save changes to the list.

Step 3: Create keyword

Now we are ready to enter data. Back in the list, choose New Item & enter information.

For the Enterprise Keywords column enter a new keyword like ‘business’.


Save changes.

Step 4: View keyword

You can see that the new keyword is being saved to the Keywords term set of managed metadata.

Open Site Actions > Site Settings > Term store management tool for viewing this.


This makes sure that the new keyword gets stored in the non-hierarchical Keywords term set.

Brining Managed Metadata Terms to Auto-Complete

We can also bring managed metadata terms into the Enterprise Keywords column for auto-completion.

For testing this create a site collection level terms using the term store management tool.


Now try entering an item for our list. Type the beginning character of the term. You can see the auto-completion takes place as shown below.


This ensures that the managed metadata terms are available in the enterprise keywords column. This would enable high reuse of the terms.


If you cannot see auto-completion happening, try re-creating your managed metadata service pointing to the same database.



In this article we have explored Enterprise Keywords column of SharePoint 2013.


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