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Create a Community Site

Posted by Jean Paul on June 26, 2014

Community Site is the base for SharePoint 2013 OOTB Collaboration.

What is a Community Site?

Community Site is a template in SharePoint 2013 which provides forum experience and it features:

1. Discussions

2. Categories

3. Members

4. Badges

For example, we can use the site to create a forum for Development Team. They can post discussion on various topics like:

1. How to deploy a WSP solution?

2. What are the frameworks available used in Project-Y?

We can also create categories like:

1. C#

2. SharePoint 2013

3. SharePoint 2010

Members can participate in the discussions.

Moderators can manage the site through:

1. Setting rules

2. Editing/Removing unwanted entries

3. Reward badges for best replies & participants

Member Permissions will be managed through the Owners, Members, Visitors group of the site.

How to create a Community Site?

Follow the steps below to create the community site.

Step 1: Create site

Choose the Site Contents > New Sub site option to get the following page. Choose the site template as Community Site, enter the title, URL and click Create button.


Step 2: View Site

You will get the following site displayed.


Step 3: Create Category

From the right hand side choose the Create categories link.


You will get the following page.


Choose the new item and create a category named SharePoint 2013 as shown below. You can also use the image URL.


You can see the new category with image as shown below.


Step 4: Create Discussion

Click on the New Discussion item to start a discussion topic.

Enter the details in the appearing page.


On saving the content the list will look like.


Step 5: Replying a Topic

You can click on the Discussion topic to open it & answer.


More answers can be added through the Add a reply text box.


Please note that Member Permissions should be managed through the Site Permission groups.



In this article we have explored community site template & how to use it.

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