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SharePoint Anti-Virus Configuration

Posted by Paul on March 21, 2014

While working with SharePoint the Administrator may have to deal with Security Threat of virus-infected files.  The files uploaded can be infected & it can cause wide-spread across the network creating a bigger chaos of loss or productivity hours.

To tackle this problem, SharePoint provides Anti-Virus Configuration.

How to configure anti-virus?

Open Central Administration > Security tab.

You can see the Manage antivirus settings link in the appearing page.  Click on it.


On clicking the link, you will get the following page.


By default it will be unchecked.  Following are the options available:

Scan documents on upload will scan the documents on upload/save operation.

Scan documents on download will scan the documents on download operation

Allow users to download infected documents will allow users to download documents even if it is infected.  This is allowable if users have separate infrastructure to deal with infected documents.

Attempt to clean infected documents will try to clean the infected documents.

SharePoint Realtime Scan Job

Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint is the underlying component that performs the anti-virus functionality coupling with SharePoint.  The scanning operations will be implemented through Realtime scan jobs installed in the server.

We can configure the number of Threads  in the text box shown above.


Forefront Protection is discontinued after 2015, Please find the ant-virus alternatives for SharePoint using References section.



In this post we have gone through an overview of Antivirus Settings in SharePoint. 


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