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SPCOP – Another Need Tool

Posted by Jean Paul on March 17, 2014

SPCOP CE is a Visual Studio extension to analyze SharePoint code.

SharePoint Code Check Community Edition


We can analyze different SharePoint versions using it:

  1. MOSS 2007
  2. SharePoint 2010
  3. SharePoint 2013

It analyzes the following:

  1. Memory Dispose Check
  2. Features, Content Types, List Templates
  3. XML files
  4. ASPX, ASCX files

It also provides continuous integration facilities.


You can download the tool from:



Download & Install the tool. 


I am using Visual Studio 2012.  After installations restart Visual Studio.

We can do a simple testing to ensure it is working.


Create a new console SharePoint project & add a web part into it.

Inside the web part, please add the following code.

(Please note that we are not disposing the explicitly created SharePoint object)


Build the project & run SharePoint Code Check from the Solution Menu.


If successfully installed, you can see the Dispose error being caught.


This confirms you have SPCOP CE successfully installed.



In this post we have explored another need tool for SharePoint application development.  For advanced needs like verifying WSPs, there is a client tool available with higher editions.

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