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SharePoint Saturday Redmond – Some Updates

Posted by Paul on September 22, 2013

Yesterday I attended the SharePoint Saturday event conducted in Redmond Microsoft Campus.  The event was sponsored by multiple SharePoint Productivity enhancers.


There were 5 to 6 parallel events, serving topics:

  1. SharePoint 2013 Migration
  2. SharePoint 2013 Project Management
  3. SharePoint 2013 Apps
  4. SharePoint Search
  5. SharePoint 2010 Maps

SharePoint 2013 Project Management

SharePoint 2013 Out-of-the-box Project template can be used to create Project Management sites.  The web parts Project Summary, Timeline adds to the convenience.  We can have MS Project Client like task gannt chart view within SharePoint site.

Following is the screen shot of test site.


Some of the highlighted features include:

1. Project template (ootb)

2. Dashboard with Icons

3. Colored Timeline

4. News feed for notification to Windows Phone

5. News feed for Colleague Chat instantly (like facebook)

6. Using #tags in contents for searching

7. One Note for real time collaboration, mobile usage

8. Pre-defined Lists

a. Change Request List

b. Issue Tracker List

c. Phase Master List

d. Risk Register List (later we can find what risk turned to issue, ootb support?)

9. Team Calendar which shows another view for tasks

10. Impressive Meeting Workspace site, with multiple web parts (not ootb template)

a. Meeting Schedule Information web part

b. Agenda web part

c. Attendees web part

d. Conclusion Web part

e. Tasks web part

f. Documents  web part

11. Outlook synchronization with Project Site

a. Show  task reminders from Project in Outlook

b. 2 way sync

12. Common SharePoint features highlighted include:

a. Drag & Drop for document upload

b. Share Document feature

c. Calendar & Eschange

d. PowerView

e. Charts

Demo done by Acuvate. (worth requesting them a Trial of PM site)


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