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Display Microsoft Project Tasks & Timeline within SharePoint 2013

Posted by Paul on September 10, 2013

In this article I will take you through displaying Microsoft Project (client application) Tasks & Timeline into SharePoint environment.

What is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project or MS Project is project management software which helps project managers in creating project plans, manage tasks, budgets.

Following is the screen shot of Microsoft Project 2013.


Please install MS Project for continuing with our article. You can download a trial version from here.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to display the MS Project tasks, timeline into our SharePoint site. For the purpose we are using the project template.

Create Project

Open Project client application & create a new project from the Blank Project template.


Now add the following tasks into it.


You can use the Indentation toolbar button to make Task 1 & Task 2 underneath the Planning category. Enter the dates for tasks & save changes.

You can see that the Timeline above is updated with the tasks information.

MS Project to SharePoint 2013 Sharing

The above MS Project file will be managed by the project manager. Whenever tasks are added/edited, he/she can publish it to the SharePoint site. This allows the team to work on project in a collaborative centralized environment.

Create SharePoint Site

For sharing the tasks, please create a new SharePoint 2013 site, preferably from the Project template.


You will get the following site home page.


Now edit the page & add a Timeline web part to the page, after the Project Summary web part.


Edit the Timeline web part & set the data source to Tasks list. (You should be already having a Tasks list in the site)


Save changes to the page.

If you are not using the project template, you can still edit the current site page & add following web parts from the Content Rollup category.

1. Timeline

2. Project Summary

Share Tasks

Back into the MS Project client application; choose the menu option Save As.


Choose the following options as highlighted above:

1. Sync with SharePoint

2. Choose Existing SharePoint Site

3. Enter URL to our project site

4. Click Verify button

5. Choose Tasks list

6. Click Save button

Wait for a while & the tasks will be synchronized with SharePoint. You can see the tasks are synchronized in the timeline.


Now click on the Tasks list & you can see the MS Project tasks are added to SharePoint list.


This concludes our article.

Please note that you can add the Resource name (Login Name) within the MS Project (MPP) file. In that case the user should be available in the SharePoint site too.



In this article we have explored Microsoft Project client interaction with SharePoint 2013.


2 Responses to “Display Microsoft Project Tasks & Timeline within SharePoint 2013”

  1. Ankit said

    Hi Jean,
    I want to go certification of MS 2013 u have some material OR dumps ?

  2. jeanpaulva said

    Hello Ankit,

    I have started with the 331 certification for SP 2013. I will be going with 2 months study & exam after wards. I bough the Amazon hard copy book for exam preparation. It is worth investing.

    I thought a while, what should i reply for dumps. Last week i saw one fresher using dumps to do the exam, he did that without doing any learning. I believe the certification industry is corroding value like that. Either Microsoft have to make the questions more realistic to test the knowledge & prevent dumps possibilities. 🙂 The knowledge value of certification will go down & eventually certification value.

    I prefer you to go through the Amazon books (Microsoft press) for learning 🙂

    Jean Paul

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