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Redmond & MCM

Posted by Paul on July 27, 2013

At last I have reached Redmond!  Need to work on the MCM part.

MCM (Microsoft Certified Master)

MCM is officially MCSM now – Microsoft Certified Solutions Master.  MCSM have different tracks like:

  1. MCSM Data Platform
  2. MCSM SharePoint
  3. MCSM Communication
  4. MCSM Messaging
  5. MCSM Directory Services

MCSM SharePoint

MCSM SharePoint requires the following 7 certifications.

  1. Exam 410 – Windows Server 2012 – Installing & Configuring
  2. Exam 411 – Windows Server 2012 – Administration
  3. Exam 412 Windows Server 2012 – Configuring Advanced Services
  4. Exam 331 – SharePoint 2013 – Core Solutions
  5. Exam 332 – SharePoint 2013 – Advanced Solutions
  6. Exam 488 – SharePoint 2013 – Core Solutions – Development
  7. Exam 489 – SharePoint 2013 – Advanced Solutions – Development

The first 3 certification are of same theme (1 to 3) and falls in the Windows Server 2012 category.  Playing around & attaining the certification will yield Solid Expertise in Windows Server track.  Additionally, we will get the title of MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate)

After the above 7 exams, the real MCSM exams starts.  There are 2 of them.  To my knowledge, these 2 exams have to be performed in the Microsoft Redmond campus.


If anybody interested in the track, I can collect more information about it. 



I hope I have provided the basic information to start with MCSM certification.  It is considered as the Excellence in particular track, would require real spark & dedication to attain the same.


4 Responses to “Redmond & MCM”

  1. Satish said

    Hi Jean,
    Nice to read all your articles.

    I am planning for MCSM certifiction as my long term goal. Currently I am holding MCTS and this Next weekend going for MCPD SharePoint 2010. All my Experience is in SharePoint 2010 and now I am little confuse by SharePoint 2013. Which Exams I should go for?
    I dont have any practicle experience in SharePoint 2013 So I want to do MCM in SharePoint 2010 only Or what do you suggest for me?


    • jeanpaulva said

      Thank You Satish for the good words.. After all, in life we have to take some channel to service people & something we are passionate about.. I chose SharePoint!

      Regarding your query, I recommend NOT TO go with SharePoint 2010 as the certification expires on Aug 31, 2013 (one month from now)

      Again, the new client requirements will be on SharePoint 2013, there are pretty good change in features & solution f//w, we need to concentrate on SP 2013.
      Microsoft is focusing on SP 2013 & time will take the world to SP 2013.

      You can start working on SP 2013 & gain experience, so SP 2013 would be good for you.

      Jean Paul

      • Satish Gadekar said

        Thanks Jean for reply,
        If i am targeting master certificate I will go for 2013 for sure But until then I will keep giving 2010 certification exams.

        How can I upgrade my current MCTS and MCPD certificates to SharePoint 2013?


  2. Joxin said

    Alll the very best jean bhai for your MCSM certification 🙂

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