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DeliverPoint Installation

Posted by Jean Paul on January 30, 2013

In this article we can explore a SharePoint productivity tool from company Lightning Tools. The installation does not seems to be simple, so I thought of adding a guidance on the same.

What is DeliverPoint?

DeliverPoint is a tool that enables User Permission Management & Reporting for SharePoint. DeliverPoint is sold by Lightning Tools.


Why we need DeliverPoint?

DeliverPoint provides time saving utilities related to Permissions management. Some of them would be:

· Manage Permission Inheritance

· Find unique permission items

· Copy user permissions

· Transfer user permissions

These all tasks would take more time if we go for the SharePoint way. In bulk user scenarios this tool should save much time & as time equates to money, purchasing the tool would be a profitable idea.

How to install DeliverPoint?

You can visit the following page:

Click on the Request a Trial Version link:


Fill the appearing form:


Make sure you selected the appropriate version as marked above.

Click the Send me Download button from the bottom of the page.


You should receive an email with the Download link provided.


Click on the link & you should get the setup zip file.


Extract the zip file.


Execute the Installer.


After installation, you need to run the DeliverPoint Configuration Wizard from the Start Menu.


On running the wizard you should get the following screen:


In case if you received any error, try executing the Configuration in Administrator mode.

Click Next button to continue & in the next screen enter the Farm account credentials.


DeliverPoint requires a database for internal purposes.


Please enter a valid database name in the next step and wait for the configuration to be completed.

Once the configuration is completed you will get the following screen:


How to run DeliverPoint?

After the installation, you can see DeliverPoint custom actions inside the Site Actions menu of your user facing site. Please make sure you login with Administrative Privileges.


Click on the first menu item to continue. You will get the following screen.


Check the sites you need to generate information for. You can select the various options.


Wait for a few minutes for the operation to be completed.

Generate Report

For generating User Permission report, use Site Actions > Discover Site Permissions menu item.


Moving through the wizard we can generate the report.


The report shows the Url and associated Users having access in it.

The report shows the Url and associated Users having access in it. If you face any data generation errors, please ensure the Interrogator was executed.


Interrogator is a set of scheduled tasks used by DeliverPoint to generate the report data. You can view them through Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks as shown below:


For immediate results in reporting, you can choose the Run option for the above tasks.



In this article we have explored how to install & use DeliverPoint tool for SharePoint. In real world scenarios I believe this tool could save lot of productivity hours while keeping us cool. 🙂

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