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SharePoint 2010 Project – Foster – Part 3

Posted by Jean Paul on July 10, 2012

Dear Friends,

Please find the third part of the project Foster.


In this article we can go through the various Infrastructure setup activities. Please note that these entire activities should take around 2-3 hours of work plus the software downloading time.

Following are the activities we are performing:

1. Windows Server 2008 Installation

2. Domain Controller Configuration

3. Active Directory Configuration

4. SharePoint 2010 Installation

The hardware and software requirements are covered in the Detailed Design document.


Note: You can skip the infrastructure setup activities if you wish to implement the project using SharePoint 2010 on your client operating system.  Continuing with Windows Server 2008 installation should give you a closer experience of real world SharePoint 2010 Installation, Configuration and Implementation.

Activity 1: Windows Server 2008 Installation

You can opt for a Dual Boot Installation which will not hamper your existing operating system and applications. You can download Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise from the following URL:


Use the highlighted button, register using your email and download the setup file. This task should take around 2-3 hours depending on your connection speed.


The installation should take around 1 hour. Install the Windows with the following options:

· Choose a new drive

· Choose New Installation

Dual Boot Menu

After the installation you should be getting a menu of operating systems on system boot.


Choose the Windows Server 2008 R2 option and continue.

Drivers Installation

You need to install the appropriate driver for your machine. You can note down your Network, Display and Sound configuration from your old operating system.

For downloading the drivers you can go to the respective manufacturer site.

If you have trouble finding the driver try to use the forums associated with manufacturer.


You need to activate the copy of Windows with the key provided. Use My Computer > Properties > Activate command to perform the activation.

After the activation you will be able to use the operating system for 180 days.

Activity 2: Domain Controller Configuration

Once we are inside the server, we need to configure the domain as

Note: You may choose to set your own domain, but remember to make the change in all further steps.

Use the Run window > dcpromo.exe to setup Domain Controller.


Choose the following options in the Wizard and click the Next button until Finish.

· New Forest

· New Domain in existing Forest

· Domain Name:

· NETBIOS name leave with default

· Choose DNS Server option

· Folder locations leave with defaults

· Password: Enter a complex enough password

You can refer the link in References section for a step by step guide. Wait for the completion and this task should take around 10 minutes and you need to restart your machine after this.

After restarting your machine, change your machine name to corp . You can use My Computer > Properties > Manage to achieve this.

You should make sure that your machine domain is set to After these changes your fully qualified machine name is:

Following is the screen shot of My Computer > Properties after performing the above steps.


Activity 3: Active Directory Configuration

You can configure the Active Directory as following.

After the configuration create the appropriate users for our Foster application. Open the Server Manager from the desktop and expand the Roles > Active Directory Domain Services as shown below.


Select the Users item from


You can see the user Administrator in the right pane as shown above. Right click on the Users item from the left pane and use the New User men item to create the user manager.


In the appearing dialog enter the following details:


Click the Next button to continue. Enter a valid password according to the system password requirements.


Uncheck all the options and click the Next button to continue and click the Finish button in the final page. Your user named manager should be created now.

Repeat the above steps for creating the user clerk.


Activity 4: SharePoint 2010 Installation

In this activity we are installing the SharePoint 2010 in the server. I hope you have gone through the Windows 7 Installation of SharePoint 2010. You can use the same setup we used there.

You can download a standard trial version from the following link:


Use the Install software prerequisites menu item from the Install category.

Next use the Install SharePoint Server option to continue. Now the following new screen is prompted.


Enter the following key for trial edition: VK7BD-VBKWR-6FHD9-Q3HM9-6PKMX. Click the button to continue with the installation.

After the installation you will be getting the Farm Configuration Wizard inside Central Administration (unlike the Windows 7 installation). Choose the appropriate options and click the Next button to continue.

The installation should take half hour and you will be ending up with a valid SharePoint Installation. Please note that there are no web applications (other than Central Administration).

We can proceed with the Web Application and Site Collection creation with our next part of Foster implementation.


Windows Server Installation

Domain Controller Installation


In this article we have gone through the Infrastructure Setup of Foster. I hope all the installations went well and you have a valid SharePoint installation done.

5 Responses to “SharePoint 2010 Project – Foster – Part 3”

  1. ranjana said


    i am so confused SharePoint 2010 Project – Foster all parts are inside one Fostor project witch one i can purchase .or these parts are isolated . plz tell me

  2. ranjana said

    i have one issue regarding sharepoint 2010 installation i have 3 GB Ram . can i install sharepoint 2010 server


  3. kreatyna said

    I always love the way that you explain things to others

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