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SharePoint 2010 – Enterprise Document Management

Posted by Jean Paul on April 11, 2012

SharePoint provides good amount of features supporting Enterprise Document Management.


The main features supported by SharePoint 2010 are:

1. Metadata

2. Versioning

3. Alerts

4. Workflows

5. Check Out

6. Search

7. Co Authoring

8. Auditing


SharePoint supports public, major and minor versioning support. To enable versioning use the Library Settings > Versioning settings option.



We can store information about the library items as Metadata using Columns. For adding Metadata for any library item use the Library Settings > Create Column option.


Using Enterprise Keywords we can tag a particular document. As they are indexed they are searchable and provide meaningful organizational capabilities.

Types of Libraries

SharePoint 2010 provides different types of in-built document libraries.

Library Type


Document Library

For all document types

Asset Library

For images, video files

Connection Library

Storing connection files

Report Library

KPI (Key Performance Indicator), BI files

Slide Library

PowerPoint Slide files

Picture Library

Picture files

Form Library

InfoPath Form files

Document ID Service

The document ID feature creates document identifiers that can be used to retrieve items independent of their current location. The document ID service is responsible for providing the Document ID feature.

When a document is added to the collection SharePoint assigns the Document ID to it. The administrator needs to configure the Persistence setting of Document ID.

To enable this feature use Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Features item.


Click on the Activate button to make the service running.

Document Set

Document Set is a new feature in SharePoint 2010. It is similar to a zip file and a good solution while working with a group of files. While working with a project, people usually needed a set of files instead of a single file. So the Document Set feature is really useful once we know how to use it.

To enable this feature use Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Features item.


Click on the Activate button to make the service running.

The creation of document and document sets are discussed in the upcoming article.



In this article we have explored the Document Management Features supported by SharePoint. The versioning, check out, co authoring features provides the SharePoint end users a great tool in hand.

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