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Windows Azure – Create new SQL Azure Server and Database

Posted by Paul on November 13, 2011

Now we can proceed with creating the database in the azure account. The steps involved in this are following.

  • Create new subscription
  • Create new server
  • Create new database

New subscription is already created and we can reuse it. So we can proceed with the next 2 steps.

Create new server

Sign in to the windows azure portal and click the Database category from the left pane as shown below.


Wait for a few seconds and you will be getting the main pane ready as below:


Click on the Create a new SQL Azure Server item from the above screen. The following screen appears.


In the above dialog select the Subscription and click next to continue.


In the above screen select the Region and click Next to get the next screen.


In the above screen enter the administrative login and password. (The usual names like sa, admin etc. are reserved and entering is not allowed)

Note: On entering a valid login name and passwords only, the Next button will get enabled.

On clicking next, we get the following screen.


Use the Add button to add the IP address range. We need to enter the range for getting client access to the server. For demonstration I have entered to 255. 255. 255. 255 to open all IP get access to it.

Now click the Finish button.

You can open the subscription item from the left top pane to see the new server and default databases inside it. You will be provided with a master database with read only access to it.


Create a new Database

Now we can proceed with creating our database. To achieve this click on the Create button from the top ribbon as shown below.


The following dialog box appears:


Enter the database name you prefer and select the default options for other entries, click Ok button.

You are now ready with the new database.


Now we are ready with the new database. In the upcoming articles we can see how to use the database using ADO.NET classes.


In this article we have seen how to create a database server and database in SQL Azure. You can find more information on SQL Azure here.


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