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How to make ComboBox highlight color to none?

Posted by Paul on February 24, 2011

In some forums I have seen developers wanted to change the selected color (usually Blue) of ComboBox to normal background color. I would like to add the code for following.

Custom Drawing

The method used for accomplishing this is Custom Drawing.


1. Create a new windows application and place a combo box on the form

2. Set the property DrawMode to OwnerDrawVariable

3. On the combo box DrawItem event, add the following code:

private void comboBox1_DrawItem(object sender, DrawItemEventArgs e)


ComboBox combo = sender as ComboBox;

e.Graphics.FillRectangle(new SolidBrush(combo.BackColor), e.Bounds);

e.Graphics.DrawString(combo.Items[e.Index].ToString(), e.Font, new

SolidBrush(combo.ForeColor), new Point(e.Bounds.X, e.Bounds.Y));


Testing the Application

You can add some test data items to the combox and run the application.


Now you can see that eventhough the mouse is on the dropdown list area the highlight color is not there.


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