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How to map a command to method without using if/switch?

Posted by Paul on November 26, 2010

Here I am trying to show the advantage of using Lambda expressions along with some built in delegates.


The user will input a command like “MoveUp”, “MoveDown”, “TurnLeft”, “TurnDown”.  Based on the commands, you have to call the the methods MoveUp(), MoveDown(), TurnLeft(), TurnDown() respectively.

The old code will look like:

string command = "Move";


if (command == "MoveUp")


else if (command == "MoveDown")


else if (command == "TurnLeft")


else if (command == "TurnRight")


We can replace the same code with Lambda and built-in delegate Action as:

string command = "Move";


IDictionary<string, Action> actions = new Dictionary<string, Action>();

actions.Add("MoveUp", MoveUp);

actions.Add("MoveDown", MoveDown);

actions.Add("TurnLeft", TurnLeft);

actions.Add("TurnRight", TurnRight);


actions.Where(a => a.Key == command).FirstOrDefault().Value();

Note: The Action is a built-in delegate with void as return and no arguments input.  There are total of 4 versions of Action.


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